Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break and Cooper Update

Spring Break has come and gone and now we are full steam ahead toward summer.  We had a great visit to Phoenix, made especially delightful by having both my boys to hang out with.   It is just the best.  We stayed at our normal place and it was beautiful as always. 

Me and Chip before an early morning walk. 

Look at this bougainvillea!  It was stunning. 

Inside this ravine is a rabbit.  Any chance you can find it? 

We hiked up to the Hole in the Rock one morning.  See it way off in the distance at the top of that rock?  Harry was so excited about going on this adventure, he couldn't even stop for a selfie. 

Then he saw this sign and sped up even faster.  Harry does not like bees. Harry doesn't really like bugs of any kind. 

We made our way to the top, along with 50,000 of our fellow tourist.  Harry and Chip had a running commentary about how cool it was to find this secluded piece of natural rock formation to explore.  

It was so packed, we couldn't even get a picture of the hole when we made it to the top!  So many people! 

Chip made his way through the hole to get a better shot of the city.  See how secluded it is? 

Next up, we hit the zoo.  Let me tell you, it is a joy to walk through the zoo with grown children.  There were so many mommas there pushing strollers, carrying kids, chasing one kid while feeding the other, strollers were tipping over, kids were crying and arguing.  We just strolled.  Covered it all pretty quickly.  Got our money's worth and headed out.  

The next day, we hit the Musical Instrument Museum.  The boys were skeptical, but it was the #1 attraction in Phoenix on Trip Advisor so I insisted.

Lots of hands on displays.  Chip played many instruments.  He is very musical. 

Harry hit the gong.   Lots of other exhibits and so many different kinds of music represented.  

We thought the museum was well done and interesting, but we covered it in about an hour and a half unlike some people on Trip Advisor that said they could stay all day.  Again, definitely felt like we got our money's worth!  In fact, Chip walked by me on his way to the bathroom and said "I think I have seen $15 worth - I will be waiting in the hallway"  Cracked me up. 

Otherwise, we ate, shopped, swam, laughed and basically just enjoyed each other's company.  Almost every restaurant we went to had been visited by Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Triple D has canvased the Phoenix area!   Los Taquitos was a big hit.  

It is still so weird to think of Phoenix as Harry's home, but he has been there for three years now and loves it. Isn't that crazy?  Three years.  He is on track to graduate next year and we couldn't be prouder.

Cooper Update for the puppy lovers:
He did great boarding while we were in Phoenix.  They said he was well behaved and loved playing with the other dogs.  I think we paid them to lie. 

He has started accompanying me on my early morning walks with Martha, although we are cutting it a bit short because he just sits down when he can't go another step away from home.  He is still pretty frisky on the way home, so I think he might be faking it.  

I have taught him to bring in the newspaper and he thinks he is very big stuff when he makes it up the driveway and into the house.  Especially with the Sunday newspaper.  It is big and heavy - but he drags it like a boss. 

We found a puppy friend named Tibi in the neighborhood that is about Cooper's same age and size.  We met at the park this week to let them play together.  It was awesome.  They were both dirty and exhausted after an hour and I had a lovely time visiting with Tibi's mom.  Win, win. 

He is still a bit of a turd.  He barked at me 64 times today.  I counted.  Also, on our evening walk tonight he picked up a plastic fork, a gatorade bottle, a dead snake, a banana peel, and a giant branch that was about three feet long that he drug all the way home. 

Finally, this is a couple of videos of me playing hide and seek with Cooper in the backyard.  We did this routine about 15 times.  He will do anything for chicken. 



Hope your evening is great!

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  1. Cooper is so cute!!! Your boys totally remind me of my nephews when they were that age. "I've seen my $15 worth"...hahah!