Friday, March 31, 2017

Cooper Update

It is Friday.  Thank God. 

This past week brought academic kudos for both my boys.  Chip received academic recognition for having over a 4.0 his freshman year and Harry made the Dean's List.  You think you couldn't be more proud and then you are.  

Pollen is everywhere. 

Cooper is also everywhere.  

Here are some photos. 

Saying "Good Morning" to Amy.  What a way to wake up! 

A little off leash recall work.  This guy will do anything for a treat. 

Long walk.

Cute picture.

Cooper's friend Tibi.  
They are exactly the same age and size and have had two romping puppy play dates.  I think they are going to be fast friends! 

Handsome boy. 


He is still a jerk. 


Watch the boy fly when I call his name.  He skids in front of me and sits pretty for a treat.   If you are reading this in the blog post delivered to your email, the video may not play.  You can visit the actual website and it works great!  

He has mastered "Speak".  It literally took ten minutes in one afternoon and sixteen treats and now he has it.  Now, I am working on "Quiet" because he barks hard when he wants attention in the house.  No bueno. 

Have a great weekend! 

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