Monday, September 26, 2016

Farewell Astro

We said goodbye to our boy Astro on Friday.  It was a hard day.  He was diagnosed with a tumor on his liver several months ago and was home with us on hospice care.  The steroid and anti-inflammatory meds worked really well and he was eating well and seemed happy and pain free.  He has had a couple of "incidents" in the last few months were he has fallen or couldn't get up, but he always recovered and seemed no worse for the wear. 

On Friday it was different.  He was wobbly, staggering, disoriented and distant.  It was hard to see him like that.  He wouldn't come to me.  He wouldn't get up.  He seemed exhausted.  

I did the only thing I knew to do and I just laid next to him on the patio and told him what a good boy he was.  Told him it was okay.  Kept my hand on his sweet head, studying his face.  I am not sure he knew I was there.  I took this picture of him because I knew it would be the last and I wanted to freeze time.  He looks tired.  He was ready.  I was certain it was time. I am glad that I was certain. 

We got him to the vet and within thirty minutes or so it was time.  The medicine went in and within mere seconds he was gone.  It was remarkably quick.  The vet had warned us it would be.  There was no struggle.  No panic.  Just peace. 

He was a great dog.  I know everyone says that about their own dog, but he REALLY was a great dog.  There will never be another like him.  So glad that we got to be his family.
He will be missed. 
Rest in peace, Astro.   

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Squatting Babies

This is for Bob.  We talked about the picture below yesterday on the phone.  So I found it and had to share it.  Aren't they precious? 

Little squatting babies, checking out bugs on the road.  And then there is Chip…giving me the full report.  Telling me something super important. 

This hurts my heart - and my knees.  How do they do that? 

How about this for a throwback?  

S - W - E - E - T - N - E - S - S! 

In other news:
  • There was a slight change in the temperature this morning for our 5:00 a.m. walk.  A slight chill in the air.  Very slight.  So slight, it was hard to detect…but it was there.  The 10 day forecast shows a high temperature of 73 for Monday!  Woo Hoo! Bring it on! 
  • Dental appointments for me and Chip have been accomplished this week.  Good checkups, but we both are apparently grinding our teeth.  This was Chip's first trip to the adult dentist.  He said that it was weird that everyone at the dentist office said they had known him for years, but just met him for the first time. 
  • Football game this afternoon - let's go Dragons! 
  • Did you watch "This is Us" and "Designated Survivor" this week?   Both new shows.  BOTH were EXCELLENT!  So happy that regular TV is back! 
  • I am now listening to "Silver Linings".   
  • Callie is having surgery on her wrist today.  She broke it on August 13th and has been waiting for the workers comp claim to get sorted out to schedule the surgery to repair it.  Ridiculous that it has taken this long to get reconciled.  Her text this morning said "Surgery at 1:30.  They have to break my wrist and do a bone graft from my arm or pelvis."  Sounds horrible!   Say a prayer for her! 
Hope your day has been great!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Formal Khakis

This is a picture of me and Chip before our Mom/Boys meeting this weekend. He was super excited about wearing his fancy khaki pants. Not really.  That is a lie.  He thought it was a bit too formal for him.  Formal?  Khaki shorts?  Hmmm.  Do you remember his formal crocs?  This kid has a very low threshold for a formal wardrobe. 

I think he was just a little unsure about what to expect for our first official meeting.

Turns out it was fun!  Lasted a short 45 minutes and several of those minutes were spent doing this cool team building activity.  I am bringing this to Thanksgiving people, so start practicing!  If you can't tell what is happening….a rubber band is tied with six strings.  The team has to work together to build a pyramid tower of the red solo cups only using the rubber band and strings to pick up and move the cups.  It was a lot harder than you might expect.  Lots of laughs…a little bit of cheating…a good time had by all. We have some fun philanthropy activities on the horizon and I am looking forward to working alongside my boy! 

Keeping with the Chip theme….

His football pictures came today.  He is really playing high school football.  There is a picture to prove it.  I can't hardly believe he is a freshman or that he is playing football.  Someone around here needs to get their head out of the sand. There are only five football games left in the season.  Flying by.  

In other news….
  • I got a text from Harry this morning that said "I am about to go take a philosophy test.  Wish me luck.  I've tried to move around some of my AL MVP knowledge to make room for as many facts about Socrates as possible."  (Lana….AL MVP stands for American League Most Valuable Player!)  Cracked me up!  I talked to him after the test and he thought it went fine.  Just the facts.  He was headed back to his room to make a PBJ sandwich and do some laundry.  All is going well this Junior year of college.  
  • We had 14 ladies at Bible Study on Monday night.  I think that is a record. Might need to bring in bleachers! 
  • In AudioBook news.  I finished listening to Seal Team Six.  Great book.  Now I am listening to Everything I Never Told You.  It is a little deep, a little dark.  Way different than the other two I have listened to.  Still enjoying it very much. 
  • I am making Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner tonight.  It is 105 degrees outside.  That doesn't seem right, does it?  
  • Last night, one of my sweet friends told me that when she thinks of my boys she always flashes back to a memory of an afternoon before she even knew me.  We were all picking up our kids after school.  I was pushing Chip in a stroller at the back of the school.  She said that when the bell rang and Chip spotted Harry he was so excited and could not contain himself.  She said that Harry was just as happy to see Chip.  They ran towards each other and the big brother gave the little brother a hug and a greeting.  Oh my goodness, if that little flashback didn't just warm a momma's heart.  So, I found a picture from Harry's field day in 2004.  PRECIOUS! 

Hope you have an awesome day today!  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend Funny

Me and Chip went to watch his sweet friend KL play volleyball at the high school on Friday night.  It was my first volleyball game and it was so much fun.  The Lady Dragons were dominating.  During the match, I noticed that teams were getting points even when they didn't serve the ball.  I felt sure that in my limited volleyball knowledge, you only were able to score if your team had served.  I turned around to ask KL's Dad if that was a new rule, that you could score even if you didn't serve.  He confirmed that was a relatively new rule, but also how it was scored even at the Olympic level.  I assessed that it was probably to speed up the game.  He concurred.  Sitting next to him was his Dad, so KL's grandpa….probably 70ish years old.  He looked at me and said "Yea you are right, when we were in school you only got  points when you served."  My eyebrow shot up.  We?   Like when me and a 70 year old were in school?   What the hell?  I am only 50!  You were like a Dad when I was born.  I have a kid the same age as your granddaughter.  Do not even group me in with your high school days.  I was having an entire rant in my head, but just smiled and said "Yea, I thought that is what I remembered."  I couldn't wait to whisper to my friend sitting next to me the injustice of his statement.  She just cracked up.  It was pretty fun. 

In other news……
  • I am listening to Seal Team Six. It is another free Amazon Prime book.  It is so good.  Bob and Lana - you must read/listen to this book.  Audio book problems….I do have to rewind occasionally if I get distracted doing something and don't listen closely enough to know what is going on.  Easy enough.  Still loving audio.
  • Drew went to hit some baseballs this morning….it has been a long time since I have heard the ping of a ball off a bat.  It was nice. 
  • The Tide gave us a heart attack yesterday. 
  • Astro has the most wicked gas ever.  Seriously.  It must be near the end to have that smell coming out of him.  He is still happy as a clam.  
  • First YMSL meeting for Mom's and Boys is this afternoon.  Drew had some pretty funny commentary this morning that I can't repeat here, but he had me rolling on the floor laughing.  He definitely has a sense of humor! 
Hope your weekend is wrapping up beautifully! 

Friday, September 16, 2016


How much cabbage can you eat in a day without bloating to the point of explosion?  I'm asking for a friend.

Just kidding.  I am just asking because I made a sausage/cabbage stir fry deal today and am fairly certain I could eat the whole batch of it. It has an entire head of cabbage in it.  That is just asking for trouble.  I will refrain.  Can you freeze cooked cabbage?

I think I may have two or three regular readers… any of you know the answers to the cabbage questions?  Please advise. 

So, I made the cabbage stir fry dish today as a positive step to getting back on the health train.  After 18 months or so of working full time and letting my health slide to the bottom of my to-do list, I am getting back on track!  Working part-time again has been such a welcome, wonderful relief!  I am doing some new and interesting projects that I am working on for about five hours a day.  That has left plenty of hours for cooking, cleaning, walking and lifting some heavy things.  

I feel better already, but need to really put some serious focus on the food going into the machine…which is 95% of the battle for me.  I have been piddling around with better eating, but I am going hard core starting tomorrow since today I had a fantastic breakfast and then ate four mini vanilla wafers while cooking the cabbage stir fry.  That is my problem right there.  Mostly eat good, but screw up enough that my body keeps craving sugar and carbs.  Time to fall in love with some egg whites, protein shakes and grilled chicken and make those the components of the cells in my body.  Turn off the cravings.   Seems impossible, but I know it is perfectly doable cause I have done it before.  Anyone else need a restart?  Jumpstart?  Wanna join me?  

I am just going to keep asking questions of this blank screen like it is going to talk back to me!

In other news:

  • I finished the Pride and Prejudice audio book.  It think it was ten hours of listening.  Great piece of literature.  I really could not have enjoyed it more. Must peruse the other available titles and pick another. 
  • In addition to healthier food habits, I have also put myself on a Facebook diet.  Not checking Facebook at all between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm.  Need some moderation in that lane of my life.
  • Made Chip some beef enchiladas last night.  He loved them.  He is so great about thanking me for dinner and repeatedly telling me how much he enjoyed it. Nice to hear that appreciation when you make something they love.
  • Hubby comes home from Ireland tonight.  You know what he misses most when he travels?  No, not me.  He misses coffee.  Coffee from home.  He can get Starbucks or hotel coffee - but just not the same as some Maxwell House in the old Mr. Coffee machine.  I think that is so funny, since he really only started drinking coffee in the last 7 or 8 years.  Now it is one of his favorite things.  
  • Now that I have gotten back into a blogging routine, Bob has been sending me little snippets of updates from his world.  They make me laugh.  Here are a few samples: 
"Medical news,,,, visited my skin doctor today and she burnt off the two things that were bothering me.  Had to take off my shirt so she could inspect every inch.  She only found some tan lines which she doesn’t like.  While sitting there shirtless, I looked over at this big mirror and saw that my boobs looked bigger than ever.  They were like sitting on my belly which has also grown a little.  If my boobs remain big I won’t have to worry about tan lines next year as I won’t be taking off my shirt, unless it’s on fire." 

"Been dumpster diving a few times in the past couple weeks as we are low on soup cans,(arms and legs) family size peach can’s (heads)."

I hope you have an excellent weekend! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week Four - Dragons Win!!!

Yesterday afternoon the Freshman Dragons finally got to play in their home stadium!   They were taking on the Belton Tigers!   It was a beautiful day for some football! 

The Dragons ran out through the tunnel to wild cheers from the crowd. 

There is my favorite #54!  

I was the official photographer for the day and I spent way more time trying to catch cute sweaty boys with their helmets off than I did to catch them in action.  Action shots are for Hubby…I want to see their faces. 

Chip played a great game.  No bad snaps that his mother could see! 

Dragons went back and forth with Belton. 

Stay hydrated Chip!  Lots of football to play! 

The center in action. 

Great snaps! 

Dragons win 22-20!  

Chip and his boys all smiles after the game! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Audio Books - Who Knew?

My sweet, lovely, loyal blog reading friend, Sandy (Hey, Sandy!) was texting with me the other day and we got on the subject of books on tape or audio books.  Whatever you call them, it is when someone reads a book out loud to you!  She is a big fan and I told her I had never listened to a book on tape.  She hooked me right up with an introduction to "Audible" an app for audio books.  She also sent me Gone With the Wind as a free sample.

Once, I downloaded the app I couldn't quite figure out how to marry up the free trial she sent me, but that did not stop me from digging around in Audible.  Apparently, the app is smart enough to know the books I have purchased recently on Amazon and made some pretty good recommendations of things I probably would like to read.  It costs a few dollars to get most books, but in my digging around I found several books that are free to Amazon Prime users.  I love me some Amazon Prime, so this was just another awesome bonus.  Pride and Prejudice is a free book and it is a classic, so I decided to listen to it yesterday on my afternoon walk.  IT WAS AWESOME!  The narrator is outstanding.  I could have walked for hours just listening to this story unfold in my mind.   How exciting is that?  Walking and reading without holding a book!  This is going to be so good for me!  I am already on Chapter 18 and can't wait to find more time to listen!

In other news:

  • I cooked breakfast at 7:00 a.m. yesterday.  When I got home from dropping Chip off at school around 9:00 a.m., I realized the burner was still on under the pan on the stove.  Holy crap!  I left it on for two hours.  So thankful it was on low and the house didn't burn down.  Now, I will be spastic about checking.  
  • Me and Chip went to watch some friends play middle school football last night and got caught in a downpour!  We were soaked!  
  • Tonight is the first home game for the Freshman Dragons!  I can't wait!  
  • I think there were twelve ladies at Bible Study on Monday night, with a couple more planning to come next week.  That is a full house, but it was all so great!  Love, love, love!  
Hope Hump Day is great for you!  Expect football pictures tomorrow!